Morgan Plus 4


Brand: Morgan
Model: Plus 4
Year: 1997
Engine: 2.0 l
Power: 135
Transmission: Manual
Fuel: Petrol
Category: Modernos
Km: 20000
Doors: 2
Seats: 2
Color: Grey

The Morgan Plus 4 (or +4) is a car originally produced by the Morgan Motor Company between 1950 and 1969.

It is a more powerful and longer model than its predecessor, the 4/4.

The Plus 4 went back in production in 1985 to fill the gap between 4/4 and Plus 8 and continued in production until 2000. In 2015 Morgan Motor Company started producing the Plus 4 once more, which still remains in production.

This 1997 Morgan Plus 4 features a 2-liter 135PS twin-cam engine, is an original Portugues license plate car with 20,000 kilometres. The colour combination recreates the Morgan +4 that raced and won its class in the 1962 Le Mans 24 Hour race.

  • Canvas Top
  • Leather Seats
  • Radio
  • Wood Interior Trim
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