MG F «Trophy 160»


Brand: MG
Model: F
Year: 2001
Engine: 1.8 l
Power: 160
Transmission: Manual
Fuel: Petrol
Category: Modernos
Km: 40000
Doors: 2
Seats: 2
Color: Yellow

The MG-F was launched in the autumn of 1995 by the Rover Group, making it the third car to be launched since the takeover by BMW. It was powered by a 1.8 litre K-Series 16-valve engine, the basic having 118 hp while the more powerful VVC (variable valve control) had 143 hp.

Steve Harper of «MGA Developments» produced the initial design concept in January 1991 (inspired by the Jaguar XJR-15 and the Ferrari 250LM), before Rover’s in house design team refined the concept under the leadership of Gerry McGovern. An interesting feature of the F was its Hydragas suspension, a system employing interconnected fluid and gas displacers which provided a surprisingly compliant ride but which could be tuned to provide excellent handling characteristics.

The MG-F quickly shot to the top of the affordable sports car charts in Britain, and remained there until the introduction of the MG-TF in 2002.

The MG-F underwent a facelift in autumn of 1999, and gave the car a revised interior as well as styling tweaks and fresh alloy wheels designs. There was also the introduction of a base 1.6 litre version and a more powerful 160 hp variant called the «Trophy 160», which had a 0-60 mph time of 6.9 seconds. The Trophy was only produced for a limited time.

This MG-F «Trophy 160» has 40.000 kilometers and it’s in exceptional condition.

  • ABS
  • Canvas Top
  • Fecho Central c/ comando
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